Flipping the classroom

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This is interesting. Some ideas to flip your class, with the use of bloom’s!

Bloom’s Flipped



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Students need feedback! It’s as simple as that. It’s suprising to hear that there are about 20% of teachers do not give any feedback. It’s very important to give students appropriate feedback. Steve Dinham has said that it is the most important factor in the child’s learning. They need to have an understanding of their desired goal. John Hattie has said that teachers make the difference in their students’ learning.

You combine these two powerful understandings, and you have the basis for what is the foundation of the heart of education. They are fundamental. Feed the children what they need to learn, it touches the core of their being. We say that this generation is one that is akin to sponges, well this strikes at the core of that premise.

Below is some food for thought!

The PIPS method

Steve Dinham Presentation

John Hattie: Seeing Through The Eyes Of Students

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